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Callus Eliminator
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Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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Nickel Callus Remover

Medium Grade of Nail file & buffer

Medium Nickel Callus Remover File for Critical Calluses and Severely Cracked Heels

Let’s talk about convenience! Finally there is no need for time consuming, messy feet soaking! TrimmerMate nickel foot files are specially designed to work on dry skin, you to have beautiful feet at all times! Light-weight, TrimmerMate nickel files can be taken everywhere. It'll not take away from healthy skin, making calluses grow back slower and softer overtime. It's easy to grip the handle and thin curved head lets you file even areas that are difficult to reach.

Nickel is bacteria FREE, and long-term use unlike sand-papers and stainless steel.


Directions: File Clean, dry skin with back-and-forth movements, until desired results are completed. If using after soaking, towel dry the skin prior to filing Warning: It is not recommended to use if you are diabetic, or have poor blood circulation. Do not use on an irritated or an inflamed skin area. Do not share if you have any type of dermatitis.

Please consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach or children.


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